OB702 Roscommon Bridge Widening & Road Alignment

The existing bridge OB702 was widened to take the skew out of the road. The overbridge comprised of Opti-Cadre units and reinforced earth abutments.

The bridge was widened to the Claremorris side by approximately 10.5m while leaving the existing structure intact and maintaining traffic flow. The reinforced earth walls were constructed with little interference to the existing passing traffic and the railway line. Other works included palindine fencing, high level safety barrier and road surfacing. The work was necessary to create a straight road across the railway line to enable all local traffic to traverse the bridge safely. This project was the first of its type to use Opti-Cadre units to extend an existing bridge.

please follow link below to see installation of precast concrete portal frame:


Access Road at Bishopswood, Dundrum, Co. Tipperary

At this site, Iarnród Éireann manned level crossing number XC128 was replaced by an access road with associated works, boundary treatment, timber post and rail fencing, drainage, filling and surface dressing. Extensive site clearance of existing trees through Coillte owned lands was carried out. The roadway was constructed on very poor ground using geotextiles and geogrid. The geogrid used here was Enkagrid Pro 90 which worked well with the poor ground conditions. The existing level crossing gates were replaced with blockwork wall & a double palisade access gate. A precast concrete culvert, supplied by Banagher Concrete, was installed to replace an existing culvert crossing the new access road.