Ballinasloe Flood Defence Scheme, Co. Galway

This project consisted of a flood defence barrier approx 1.4 km long protecting over 100 households in the Ballinasloe area. The works involved construction of a reinforced concrete flood defense wall consisting of the installation of steel sheet piles using Movax piling hammer with welded joints & a 600m reinforced concrete pile cap. The remainder of the flood defence barrier was achieved with the construction of an 800m impermeable clay bund. The project included installation of aluminium flood gates & controlled pen-stocks in existing and new chambers, construction of culverts and head walls, construction of drainage system to rear of flood barrier with over pump chambers as well as the construction of V ditches and cleaning of existing field drains in the surrounding area.


Multeen River Viaduct Replacement Project, Dundrum

This project consisted of the replacement of existing viaduct over the Multeen River, Dundrum, Co.Tipperary with a new 3 span deck. The 3 no. 12m double track decks were cast on-site to incorporate new steel bridge structure ( supplied by IR ) and lifted into position during 36 hour TIII Possession using 1,100t mobile crane ( supplied by IR ). Each lift was approximately 150t. Ancillary works included Eliminator & Hytec waterproofing, bridge joints details and sealing same, coring existing masonry abutments and installation of 32mm dia 1.50m long dowels, grouted in position to receive new decks.

Please follow link below to see video of the construction process:

OB702 Roscommon Bridge Widening & Road Alignment

The existing bridge OB702 was widened to take the skew out of the road. The overbridge comprised of Opti-Cadre units and reinforced earth abutments.

The bridge was widened to the Claremorris side by approximately 10.5m while leaving the existing structure intact and maintaining traffic flow. The reinforced earth walls were constructed with little interference to the existing passing traffic and the railway line. Other works included palindine fencing, high level safety barrier and road surfacing. The work was necessary to create a straight road across the railway line to enable all local traffic to traverse the bridge safely. This project was the first of its type to use Opti-Cadre units to extend an existing bridge.

please follow link below to see installation of precast concrete portal frame:

Single Lane Carriageway, Kilnockin. Mallow, Co. Cork

At this site, Iarnród Éireann manned level crossing number XC227 was replaced by a single lane carriageway with associated works, Dismantling and removal of a steam engine water storage tower, decommissioning of diesel storage tanks, palisade fencing, concrete block boundary wall, reinforced concrete ballast retaining wall, drainage, earthworks, kerbing, lighting, footpaths, landscaping, tarmacadam and surface dressing. Construction was phased in stages to facilitate access to Iarnród Éireann yards and minimise disruption to local traffic.

Culvert Replacement Ballina UBM-774A

A steel pipe was installed underneath the railway line by use of pipe ramming. We blocked up the existing culvert and pumped it with concrete. Two precast headwalls were installed, one on either side of the new pipe. A roadway was made down to the pipe ramming location and also an access pit created for to facilitate pipe ramming equipment. We also cleaned existing drain down to lake and carried out site clearance work.

Sheetpiling at Foxford, Co Mayo

Upon inspections by Irish Rail, significant subsidence of a railway embankment near Foxford was discovered.

Remedial works were required to stabilise the railway line, consisting of a sheetpiled wall for 160 metres on both sides of the railway line. The approved piles were imported from Asia in 16 number containers into Dublin Port and hauled by road to Foxford Station.  The contract was completed entirely with the company’s own plant and resources. The main equipment consisted of a piling rig compromising of a Movax SPE 50 piling hammer fitted on a Case CX210 25 tonne tracked excavator, specially fitted with rubber tracks for railway work. The piles were hauled to the remote site location  using two atlas 1504 rubber ducks with rail wheels and tilt rotating encon hitch & McCabe grab towing two 5m x 20TN rail trailers. The piles were loaded at Foxford station by a Case CX160B excavator fitted with rotating grab.  The piles were driven to depths of between 7 metres and 13 metres  The piles were supported with a waler beam on both sides and tied across using 40mm threaded bars at 4.5 metre centers. The works were carried out at night during TIII possessions with the railline remaining operational each day for passengers and freight traffic.

Please follow link below to see Movax Piling Hammer in action on Ballinasloe Flood Defence project:

Access Road at Bishopswood, Dundrum, Co. Tipperary

At this site, Iarnród Éireann manned level crossing number XC128 was replaced by an access road with associated works, boundary treatment, timber post and rail fencing, drainage, filling and surface dressing. Extensive site clearance of existing trees through Coillte owned lands was carried out. The roadway was constructed on very poor ground using geotextiles and geogrid. The geogrid used here was Enkagrid Pro 90 which worked well with the poor ground conditions. The existing level crossing gates were replaced with blockwork wall & a double palisade access gate. A precast concrete culvert, supplied by Banagher Concrete, was installed to replace an existing culvert crossing the new access road.

Noone’s UB121, Rineen, Gort, Co. Galway

At this site Existing Level Crossing’s XE128 & XE129 were closed and replaced by a 4.50m x 4.50m internal dimension under-bridge, 20m long. The under-bridge was a contractor designed structure.

500m long new access roads were also constructed The installation of the under-bridge took place over 2 days, from 7.00 am Tuesday 16th of June 2009 to 6.00pm on Wednesday 17th of June 2009. The under-bridge is made up of 15no U shaped duct units each weighing approx 20t (i.e. 8no base units and 7no top units). A 350 ton crane was used during the installation both for lifting /replacing the track and also for installing the units.

On day 1, the track was removed, excavation completed, and preparation of base for unit’s. On day 2 the precast units were installed. All sealants and waterproof membranes installed and completion of stitches between units together one erection of temporary handrails.

Please follow link below to see video of precast units being lifted into place:

Spencer Dock Platform Works

Construction of Platforms and access stairs from existing roads at new Dockland’s Rail Station. The station was designed of elements that would permit the station to be moved from its current temporary location to its permanent location at a future date. There were many elements to this project such as vibrocompaction to the existing ground to increase bearing capacity for foundations of platform precast units each weighing 27tonne. It involved the piling of all foundations to support ground beams and main building portal frame. Construction of buffer stops, installation of pumping station, surface water attenuation system, associated drainage and services at Spencer Dock, Dublin 1.

Portiuncula Hospital Car Park, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

Construction of 400 space carpark at Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe, Co.Galway, including installation of public lighting, drainage, 700m of palisade fencing and landscaping.

Geoghegans OBE 151a

This project involved the closure of two number Iarnród Eireann Level Crossing’s. The crossings were replaced by a single overbridge and associated approach embankments. The overbridge comprised of a contractor designed structure and contractor designed reinforced earth wing walls. Construction of the new Overbridge consisted of Precast Optri-Cadre units each weighing 36 tonnes and included precast concrete parapet units. A new access road with concrete post and wire fencing was constructed over a length of 1,200m to tie into the existing public road at one end and farm access road at the other end.