Ballinasloe Flood Defence Scheme, Co. Galway

This project consisted of a flood defence barrier approx 1.4 km long protecting over 100 households in the Ballinasloe area. The works involved construction of a reinforced concrete flood defense wall consisting of the installation of steel sheet piles using Movax piling hammer with welded joints & a 600m reinforced concrete pile cap. The remainder of the flood defence barrier was achieved with the construction of an 800m impermeable clay bund. The project included installation of aluminium flood gates & controlled pen-stocks in existing and new chambers, construction of culverts and head walls, construction of drainage system to rear of flood barrier with over pump chambers as well as the construction of V ditches and cleaning of existing field drains in the surrounding area.


Culvert Installation, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

This Project involved installing a new precast concrete box culvert consisting of 9 units 2.1m x 1.8m totaling 18m in length. The culvert was laid adjacent to an existing culvert on the R358 station road, Ballinasloe. A road closure and diversion was put in place to facilitate the works which were carried out in two phases in order to maintain pedestrian access for residents. The river was dammed either side of the new culvert location and the water pumped out before excavation works commenced. Sheet piles were driven in order to support sides of the excavation while the culvert foundation base was prepared and units lifted into place with 90 ton hydraulic mobile crane. There was also numerous services contained within the road including a telecoms junction box, 2 x watermains and a foul sewer line all of which had to remain operational and protected during the works.