significantly enhances

The best means of increasing potency in men

Time-tested medication viagra online successfully treats erectile dysfunction. PDE-5 inhibitors range created synthetically, they increase your sex drive, increase the quality and duration of sexual intercourse. Single dose of the drug has lasting effect, if you use does not occur.

The action of medicines based on increased blood flow to the phallus, take it for 30-40 minutes until the 1960s. Medicinal ingredient sildenafil citrate drugs patented tool. After taking effect occurs through 40 minutes and lasts for 4:00.

There is a female version of Viagra Drug and increases libido. Medication significantly enhances sexual desire, the female body becomes sensitive to touch, kisses by widening the blood vessels. Increasing elaboration of ejaculate vagina that helps eliminate its dryness.

Restrictions on the use of Viagra:

Alcohol reduces the effect of the drug.

Mental illness.

Benign tumor formation of the urogenital system.

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Be wary apply inhibitor:

In acute gastrointestinal diseases.

In old age.

Kidney disease, liver.

With side effects:




Tides to the head.

consult your physician for Urology-an Andrologist.

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