OBR65 Sydney Parade Bridge Replacement

This project involved the fabrication and installation of a new structural steel footbridge over the Dublin to Wexford rail line at Sydney Parade DART Station. The Works were carried out over a very strict time-frame of 50hrs during which the DART line was closed. This required the implementation of a highly coordinated and detailed management plan in order to successfully complete the required works and reopen the DART line for passengers on Monday morning. In order to facilitate these works an extensive traffic and pedestrian plan was implemented.

The works involved establishing a base to set up a 200TN mobile telescopic crane in order to install bridge components. Enabling works were carried out in order to facilitate installation of the bridge and implement working practices in compliance Iarnr√≥d √Čireann Safety Standards. The Bridge installation involved the placement of 8nr. precast concrete foundation pads along the platform, before the steel support columns were lifted in and fixed in place, the steel stair units were then lifted into place before the bridge deck itself was installed and fixed in place.

Other works in the contract involved new ducting for lighting to the bridge,removal, relocation and reinstatement of lighting columns, Installation of ducting, installation of lighting to bridge, decommissioning of lighting on existing bridge, reinstatement of drainage, surfacing and line marking to the platform.

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