OB39 Bridge Replacement Works, Rush & Lusk Station

Brian Conneely & Co acted as Main Contractor & PSCS on this project and coordinated the Design & construction works on this project.The works involved the Development & Implementation of Safe Methods of Works and Environmental Management System Including temporary works design for crane lifting & precast propping. Development & implementation of detailed method statements & risk assessments for bridge removal, precast abutment installation, precast bridge beam installation, precast run-on slabs installation, diversion of services, construction of road base. Implementation of quality procedures & checks including, cube testing of concrete and reinforcing steel cover.

Design & Implementation of an extensive Traffic Management plan on R128 with AADT of over 5000 vehicles. Traffic Management involved single lane closures to allow 1 week of preparation works & 1 week of completion works. The bridge removal was carried out in a 5 day road closure over bank holiday weekend with a 4 mile diversion route implemented.  The bridge location was on the primary route between the commuter towns of Rush & Lusk. Due to the site being located at the Rush & Lusk Train Station there was a significant pedestrian management plan in place to facilitate continued use of the rail station & carpark.

Exposure & protection of existing services including Electrical & Fibre Optic cabling for the works. Construction of site compound including hardstand area for 500t crane. Excavation of the existing embankment to allow installation of precast abutments for extending the bridge width. Demolition and cutting of the existing steel framed concrete bridge using excavator & rock breakers and Gas cutting equipment to allow removal in 3 sections using 500t crane. Preparation of existing masonry walls and installation of 2 nr bedstones & 5 nr precast beams above existing masonry wall and new precast abutment. The largest precast units, weighing 36tn, were the edge beams with precast parapet walls. Doweling & Pressure Grouting of the new Bedstones with 50mm diameter SS dowels, 3m into the masonry abutment & new precast abutment walls. Installation of 12 nr Precast L Units on both sides of the bridge as run on slabs. Due to the bridge being on a skew, these works involved excavation and preparation of the existing road boundary walls & hedges and realignment of the approach roads. Installation of reinforcing steel & ducting, Twinwall sewer pipe, diversion of services and pouring of concrete to construct the stitches between the precast bridge beams and precast L units. The bridge deck & L units were completed with Sterling Lloyd Hytec waterproofing. The rrush01 rush10 rush11 rush02 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? rush05 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? rush08 rush09oad was reinstated with 60mm DBM and 50mm HRA surfacing.

Other Works included Construction of kerbed rubbing strip on one side of bridge deck construction of 2m wide concrete footpath to tie into existing paths on the other side of the bridge, Installation of 120m of H2W2 safety barrier on approaches roads.

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