Ennis Slope Remediation Works

Upon inspections by Irish Rail and Consulting Engineers, Arup Consulting, significant subsidence and slope failure of a railway embankment near Ennis was discovered.

Emergency remedial works were required out as at matter of urgency, consisting of re-grading existing embankments and the installation of a gabion wall structure and backfilled with suitable material. The Contractor Approved Design was the reinforced Gabion Terramesh system with geogrid. Gabions were pre-filled and faced with clean crushed stone during the day and the pre-filled gabions were lifted into position using a rail mounted excavator under T111 possessions at night. Imported fill was placed on top of the Terramesh reinforcement to the rear off the gabions. Height of wall varies from 2.5 metres to 5 metres high. We constructed 20-25m2 of gabion wall including backfill per night.

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